Taliban Threatens U.S.

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Taliban has terrible timing…or good timing, depending on which side you want to look at this from.

The extremist Islamist group in the Middle East is reportedly not meeting the promises made in the historic peace agreement that was signed with the United States under the Trump administration, meaning the problem now falls at the lap of President Joe Biden.


The Pentagon announced on Thursday that under the deal, the Taliban was expected to cut ties with Al-Qaeda, the terrorist Islamist organization, and reduce its violence.

Neither of those has happened.

“We are still involved in trying to get a negotiated settlement,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. “The Taliban have not met their commitments.”

Who could have seen that one coming?

President Joe Biden is reportedly committed to the February 2020 agreement signed by President Donald Trump. The agreement, which is one of the president’s great victories in gaining peace in the middle east (even if some cracks are starting to appear) has been largely ignored by the Biden campaign, likely owing to the former Obama-Biden administration’s frequent failures in the middle east.

Under the agreement, the Taliban is required to stop attacking United States forces, drastically reduce the frequency of violence it commits, and hold peace talks with the Kabul government. In return, the United States agreed to reduce its presence in Afghanistan and withdraw all forces by the end of May 2021.

The latter of which is something that Joe Biden might have a hard time swallowing. The Obama-Biden administration was one dominated by foreign conflict, violence, and war. President Donald Trump famously engaged in no new wars and promised to withdraw troops from the middle east.

As it stands, Kirby says that there is “no change” to the commitments made by the United States. He did, however, confirm that the Taliban is “not meeting their commitments to reduce violence, and to renounce their ties to Al-Qaeda.”

Kirby confirmed that the United States Department of Defense remains comfortable with the current presence of 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan – a drastic reduction from the 13,000 who were present a year ago.

The future of the deal now hangs on whether the Afghanistan government and the Taliban can negotiate peace between them.

“I would say this to the leaders of the Taliban,” Kirby said. “They make it that much more difficult for final decisions to be made about force presence by their reticence to commit to reasonable, sustainable and credible negotiations at the table.”

Let’s hope President Biden doesn’t mess this one up.