Taliban Sends Threatening Message To Biden

(PatrioticPost.com)- After President Joe Biden handed control of Afghanistan and billions of dollars of American military equipment to the jihadist Taliban, the organization has begun issuing chilling warnings to American citizens and other foreign nationals scrambling to access Kabul airport and flee the country.

The extremist Islamic group, which took control of Afghanistan within days of Biden’s botched military withdrawal, said that if American citizens and troops don’t leave the country by August 31, there will be “consequences.”

Soon after the threat was made, President Joe Biden issued a statement to the press describing how he intended to withdrawal all Americans from the country by the new Taliban-imposed deadline…and when he was asked what would happen to Americans left behind after that date, he smirked and the White House cut the mics.


Dr Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that they will not be accepting any requests for an extension to this new deadline and warned that there will be a retaliation if any Western military forces extend their “occupation” of Afghanistan – meaning that President Biden’s botched withdrawal won’t just affect the American military, but has also landed the British military and other European forces in trouble.

Now, Western forces will be scrambling to withdraw their military – hopefully in a more organizied way than Biden did – because President Biden refused to provide ample warning to those forces before abandoning his military equipment and abruptly withdrawing IU.S. forces.

President Biden confirmed in a press conference this week that around 11,000 people have been evacuated from the country, and that the evacuation process will be “hard and painful.”

A lot of American lives now rest in the hands of President Biden and his obviously incompetent staff.