Swedish Brand Tells Jesko Owners to Stop Using Car After Fire Incident

Maybe now isn’t the best time to get behind the wheel of your Koenigsegg Jesko and go tooling around town, showing off.

The Swedish carmaker has requested that the owners of the $3 million supercar put it on ice for the time being. The business is investigating the cause of a weekend fire in one of the rare cars in Greece.

A Greek Jesko owner learned that their multimillion-dollar vehicle isn’t indestructible. A fire engulfed the sports car on June 15 during the “6to6 Europe Tour 2024.” Among the several limited-edition cars seen on the journey, the Jesko is always an attention-getter.

The Koenigsegg Jesko is a hypercar that can exceed 300 MPH, putting its owners in an elite class. However, it can now put them at risk of being engulfed in flames. The Jesko community was saddened to hear about the fire. Starting with a 0-60 mph pace of under 2.5 seconds, the 1,600-horsepower automobile boasts astounding performance stats. The Jesko also stands out from its rivals because of its low 3,000-pound curb weight.

The company issued a stop-drive order, which they sent to the limited club of owners—only 28.

Jesko said that until they have a better understanding of the situation, they kindly request that all Jesko owners and drivers refrain from operating their vehicles.

The passengers in the car managed to escape unharmed, but Koenigsegg remained in the dark about what started the inferno. Even if you don’t have the means to buy one, the loss of a Jesko would be difficult to bear because its price tag is $1 million or higher than the most elite hypercars.

In the case of the latest fire, there is some silver lining—at least the owner was driving the car as it was designed. It caught fire because it was being driven aggressively, not just parading around in the city as a trophy by some millionaire who would never drive it at 300 MPH.