Suspected Serial Killer’s Wife Gets Involved In Case

On Wednesday, the estranged wife of Rex Heuermann (the guy accused of being the Gilgo Beach serial murderer) showed up to one of his court sessions to see the evidence against him for herself.

Asa Ellerup claims that the police search of her Long Island house has made the trauma of finding that her husband is a suspected serial murderer even more intolerable.

Ellerup, who filed for divorce from husband Rex Heuermann following his arrest last month, was recently permitted to return to the home with her two children, a 33-year-old son with special needs and a 26-year-old daughter. She’s said she had nowhere to sleep during the 12-day investigation. She claims the family’s furniture was “shredded,” and their things were stacked so high in boxes that there was hardly any room to move.

After her husband was jailed for the suspected murder of three prostitutes and then dumping their remains on Gilgo Beach, Ellerup filed for divorce six days later.

Ellerup’s attorney has advised her to attend every court appearance to examine the evidence against her husband. ABC reports the estranged wife is under contract with a production business and just visited her husband in jail.

The attorneys and prosecutors were able to deal with scheduling issues for future court dates thanks to the court appearance on Wednesday.

After filing for divorce, the woman’s attorney, Bob Macedonio, said that the arrest had taken a toll on the family. The situation is still chaotic, Macedonio informed the media. “Their whole world has been flipped upside down,” he said.

Macedonio further added that approximately an hour after the 59-year-old suspect was apprehended, officials went to his residence and told his family. They took the family’s passports and electronics, including their laptops, phones, and iPads.

Macedonio told Fox, “They were home when the cops walked in, and they were utterly blindsided, and they informed them what was going on.”

A source close to the Gilgo Beach murder investigation said that police believe the suspect committed the crimes in his own home.

The source involved in the investigation believes the suspect may have enticed the victims to his house by telling them he was having dinner with his family.

According to the source, authorities are using this notion to guide their search for victim remains at the suspect’s residence. If he had murdered them in his own house, he could have easily accessed the tape and burlap sacks that were discovered at the crime scene on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach.

The 59-year-old suspect was finally apprehended on July 13 for the 2010 murders of three ladies whose remains were discovered on Gilgo Beach on Long Island, New York.

He might spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty.