Suspected Murderer Arrested While Trying To Flee The Country

On Monday, Miami International Airport became the scene of an unexpected arrest as 73-year-old Florida resident Donna Adelson was apprehended. Authorities suspect Adelson of masterminding a murder plot against her former son-in-law back in 2014, as per reports by The Associated Press (AP).

Adelson was taken into custody just as she was preparing to embark on a flight to the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam with her spouse. These two destinations are noteworthy as both have yet to establish an extradition agreement with the United States, as reported by The AP.

The impending departure of Adelson from American soil expedited the arrest, as Leon County State Attorney Jack Campbell stated. Adelson is presently being held without bail at the Miami-Dade County Jail, with a transfer to Tallahassee in the pipeline.

The murder in question dates back to 2014. It involves Florida State University law expert Daniel Markel, who was locked in a heated custody dispute with his ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, over their two children. Authorities suggest that the Adelson family offered Markel a hefty sum of $1 million to agree to the relocation of his ex-wife and children. Still, his refusal supposedly incited a deadly plot, as noted by the AP.

Adelson’s son, Dr. Charlie Adelson, was recently convicted for organizing the hit on Markel in this nefarious scheme. Charlie is said to have hired two Latin Kings gang members via his girlfriend, Katie Magbanua. Both Magbanua and one of the hitmen, Sigfredo Garcia, are serving life sentences for first-degree murder, while the second hitman, Luis Rivera, is serving a 19-year term for second-degree murder.

Investigative efforts have reportedly uncovered a $138,000 payment from Charlie Adelson to Magbanua, which she reportedly split with the hired assassins. Further allegations suggest the Adelson family provided Magbanua with a no-show job at their dental practice and additional payouts.

The investigation remains active while charges have not been leveled against Wendi Adelson or her father, Harvey Adelson. Both have vehemently denied any involvement in the crime, as reported by The AP.