Suspect Who Shot Two Police Officers During Louisville Protests Arrested

( On Wednesday, Larynzo Johnson was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment and assault of a police officer. The 26-year-old is the suspect who apparently shot two police officers in Louisville, Kentucky.

The shooting happened during protests Wednesday night following the decision to charge just one police officer who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

According to the Louisville Metro Police Department, Johnson “intentionally used a handgun to fire multiple bullets at officers.” Those officers had responded to the protests in downtown Louisville.

Witnesses have told police that Johnson fired at the officers before he fled the scene. Law enforcement obtained video of the entire incident, which showed Johnson shooting his handgun toward police officers.

According to the criminal complaint, Johnson had possession of a handgun while he was arrested.

The two officers who were shot Wednesday night suffered serious injuries. One of those officers went into surgery on Wednesday night.

The protests erupted in Louisville after the Kentucky attorney general’s office announced that only one of the officers involved in the killing of Taylor would be charged. That officer was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, and not murder. The other two officers who were involved in the incident did not have any charges levied against them.

As police officers were executing a search warrant for two men who were known to reside at Taylor’s apartment, Taylor was shot eight times. Police had received the warrant because they had suspected a man connected to a large drug ring was receiving packages that contained drugs at that apartment. No drugs were found during the raid, though.

According to the criminal complaint, protesters “set fires, caused property damage and failed to disperse after being warned.”

Several businesses were also looted, while protesters got on top of city vehicles. About 100 protesters were arrested.

On Tuesday, Greg Fischer, the mayor of Louisville, declared a state of emergency in the city “due to the potential for civil unrest.” This was done in preparation of the grand jury’s planned decision regarding what the officers in the Taylor case would be charged with. A three-day curfew of 9 p.m. is also in effect for the entire county.

Following the announcement of the grand jury decision, protests erupted in other cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, the publisher of Daily Caller, Neil Patel, threatened to sue Louisville’s police department after two reporters for the publication were arrested while covering the protests Wednesday night. Police have refused to release the two employees.

In a series of tweets sent Thursday, Patel wrote:

“They will not even let us speak with them. Given the fact that our reporters have been repeatedly harassed, punched and even shot at during past protests, we fear for their safety in lockup with people who may want to do them harm.”

“Unlike other outlets, we have interviewed police about this and told their side of the story,” he continued. “But this is not China. Those reporters flat out have a constitutionally protected role to play on our streets.”