Suspect Who Lit People On Fire Gets No Jail Time

The man who was found guilty of setting two UC Berkeley students on fire and attacking other students with a hatchet will face no time behind bars as part of a plea deal reached with the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, The Berekely Scanner reported

Brandon McGlone, who is black, was found guilty of setting two Asian students on fire at an Asian tea house near the Berkeley campus in 2020. As part of his plea, McGlone was released from custody without jail time or probation and will instead participate in a diversion program for veterans.

The two students he set on fire were not McGlone’s only victims that day. He chased another man through the street and sprayed WD-40 on him in an attempt to set him on fire. A second man escaped after McGlone sprayed liquid on him while he was waiting at Taco Bell Cantina.

Finally, McGlone entered Feng Cha Tea House where he sprayed two students with WD-40 and used a lighter to ignite the liquid, creating what witnesses described as a “massive fireball.” Both students were able to put out the flames and were not injured.

The other students with the two victims then confronted McGlone on the street. During the altercation, McGlone pulled a knife and then a hatchet. 

The Alameda County District Attorney is Pamela Price a Soros-backed prosecutor who barely won during the November midterms when she campaigned as a “criminal justice reform” candidate, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

In March, an Alameda County district judge tossed out a plea deal District Attorney Price made with Delonzo Logwood, a 31-year-old man charged with multiple crimes including a triple murder-for-hire.

Price had offered Longwood a plea deal of only 15 years in prison despite his being eligible for 75 years to life.