Supreme Court Ends Democrats Attempt To Target Trump

( In addition to upholding Arizona’s voter integrity laws, the Supreme Court dealt another blow to the Democrats in the final day of their term.

On Friday, the Court vacated earlier rulings that granted the House Judiciary Committee access to the secret grand jury transcripts from key witnesses in the Mueller investigation, effectively slamming the door on the House Democrats’ efforts to keep the RussiaGate hoax alive.

Since 2019, the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have been trying to poke around in the grand jury records, with the hope that their fishing expedition could justify impeaching President Trump for obstruction of justice.

The Court initially agreed to hear the case last year, but then delayed it after Biden won in November.

Friday’s decision to vacate the earlier rulings was supported by the Biden Justice Department who believed the case was now moot since Trump is no longer in office. Even the House Democrats didn’t oppose the Justice Department’s move.

One House lawyer, General Counsel Douglas Letter, however, was not pleased. Letter accused the Trump Administration of “running out the clock” and undermining the House’s ability to access “all of the relevant facts as it considered impeachment.”

Naturally, the corporate media who has flogged both RussiaGate and Trump’s Impeachment for maximum ratings are also blaming President Trump for the decision.

The claim, unsurprisingly, is that Trump’s “politicized” DOJ was successful at protecting him while blocking his opponents in Congress.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee sued for access to the transcripts back in 2019 because they believed they could keep the dream alive – the dream, of course, being Donald Trump getting frog-marched out of the White House while Democrats cheered.

Naturally, the Biden Justice Department (who would never go after the Administration’s opponents) countered the Court decision by releasing several letters between Mueller team investigators and President Trump’s lawyers written during the time Mueller was looking for a sit-down interview with President Trump. These letters reveal questions Mueller had wanted to ask that Trump never answered.

What are the odds the media and House General Counsel Douglas Letter will object to this kind of politicizing of the DOJ?