Sub-Freezing Temps Rock Russian Ammo Factory

Hundreds of thousands of Russians were left to fend for themselves in subzero temperatures due to an unexplained mishap at Putin’s highly classified bullet factory.

The facility, in the town of Klimovsk, may have been sabotaged in response to Putin’s disastrous war in Ukraine.

A state of emergency was proclaimed after a heating power station at the factory broke down, leaving citizens living in the neighboring region without heat. The Poluektovs, a newlywed couple named Eduard and Anastasia, perished in what seems to have been a case of carbon monoxide poisoning as they were desperately trying to stay warm.

Countless more have been abandoned to endure the bone-chilling cold around Moscow after their heating systems went down.

Video footage that has gone viral on Telegram depicts doors and windows encased in ice due to the extreme cold and images of people stoking street fires to stay warm. The situation for individuals became much worse when water mains ruptured in various buildings.

There is nowhere to escape. When the sick, young and old, are brought to the hospital, they are also without heat.

In the last two years, the Russian government—which is responsible for heating the population—has transferred governmental monies to finance Mad Vlad’s unlawful conflict in Ukraine. Allegations of Russians taking to the streets in protest of the harsh winter have been popping up recently. In Klimovsk, at the Yuri Andropov Cartridge Plant, bullets are made in honor of an infamous KGB and Soviet Union leader whom the West has sanctioned.

An emergency has been proclaimed in the surrounding region, and a criminal inquiry into the breakdown has been initiated. Following the new year, temperatures dropped to record lows, and suppliers reportedly couldn’t keep up, with the state implicated in the cause. Heating loss also occurred in Khimki, Balashikha, Solnechnogorsk, Lyubertsy, and Elektrostal because of the power outages. At least a few hundred thousand individuals have been affected.