Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win If Election Was Today

( Are Biden voters suffering from buyer’s remorse?

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted after Kabul fell, most voters would not vote to reelecte Joe Biden as President. More importantly, a significant number who voted for him in 2020 now regret their choice.

The telephone and online survey of likely voters asked “If the next presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?” Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

No other candidates were offered as an option. Only “Some other candidate” or “Not sure” were choices in the poll.

Only 37 percent of respondents said they would vote for Joe Biden.

The Rasmussen poll first surveyed to find out which candidate respondents voted for in 2020. Forty-five percent voted for Biden, forty-five for Trump. And across the board – whether by gender, race, age or party affiliation, among those who voted for Biden in 2020, there was a significant drop when asked if they would vote for Biden today.

While 83 percent of Democrat respondents said they voted for Biden in 2020, only 74 percent would vote for him today.

But Trump also lost some support. Among those surveyed who voted for Trump in 2020 (45%), only 43 percent say they would vote for Trump again if the next election was held today. It isn’t a significant drop to be sure, especially compared to Biden eight point drop. But it is a drop nonetheless.

It would be interesting to know how much of this shift in support for Biden is due to the cataclysmic events in Afghanistan.

On Sunday’s CBS Face the Nation, they reported on a CBS/YouGov poll that showed 74 percent of respondents believed Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled either very badly (44%) or somewhat badly (30%). Only five percent of respondents said it was handled “very well.” Likewise two thirds of respondents said that President Biden did not have a clear plan for evacuating Americans.

The majority of those polled no longer believe Biden is competent, focused or effective in his job as President.

During the President’s press briefing Sunday afternoon, CBS White House reporter Ed O’Keefe asked Biden about the CBS/YouGov poll. His response? He laughed.

He laughed, then he fell back on his go-to strawman defending his decision to leave Afghanistan.

It has never been about his decision to leave; the concern here is about the bungling, catastrophic, backward way he did it. But Joe Biden is incapable of addressing any of that.