Steve Bannon Says A “War” Is Starting On The Unvaccinated

( Tuesday, podcaster Steve Bannon said he felt like a war against unvaccinated people is “about to commence.”

About to commence? Really?

Where has Steve Bannon been for the last several months? The opening salvo was fired on September 9, 2021, when the President of the United States declared war against the unvaccinated.

It was during that public address President Biden accused the “unvaccinated” of being responsible for the current pandemic, calling it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” He announced the private businesses would have to require their employees to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, arguing that he was going to protect the “vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”

He announced that “freedom” was suspended for the unvaccinated.

He accused the unvaccinated of overcrowding hospitals and taking beds from the Good People who got vaccinated, “leaving no room for someone with a heart attack, pancreitis [sic], or cancer.”

He accused the unvaccinated of undoing all the economic progress his administration has made, warning “we cannot let the unvaccinated … undo it, turn it back.”

In his September 9 address, Biden singled out the unvaccinated fourteen times.

Blaming the unvaccinated for his economic failures become one of Joe’s go-to excuses for rising inflation, skyrocketing prices, and the supply chain crisis:

He has spent the last several months turning Americans against Americans while scapegoating the unvaccinated as the cause of all country’s ills.

“About to commence?” The war is underway.

President “Unity” is using vaccine status to divide the country, impose more controls and restrictions, and give the federal government even more power over the people.

The people on the front lines fighting back are the businesses and states who are suing the Biden administration to block his vaccine mandates. They are the people who refuse to comply with unconstitutional orders from an incompetent, corrupt administration. They are governors like Ron DeSantis who defy this hapless administration’s divisive agenda.

And now the White House is exploiting the far milder Omicron variant to double down on this war on the unvaccinated. President Biden’s holiday message was wishing the unvaccinated a winter of illness and death.

This war on the unvaccinated isn’t “about to commence.” It’s already underway.

So, welcome to the battle, Steve. What took you so long?