Steve Bannon Gives Keynote Address at Arizona GOP Dinner

( Back on October 23, just two days after the House voted to refer him to the DOJ for Contempt of Congress, podcaster Steve Bannon delivered the keynote address at the Pima County GOP Lincoln Day dinner in Pima, Arizona.

In his speech, Bannon described Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as “providential.” And while Trump would never describe himself as the “churchiest guy in the country,” Bannon said that it was “divine providence” working through Trump that gained the victory in 2016.

Echoing what many have said before, Bannon said that Trump’s message resonated with both working-class and middle-class Americans who knew that things had to change in the country.

Then Bannon said Trump won a “bigger victory” in the 2020 election, adding that he would debate anyone, “take on any presidential commission,” even “go before Congress” to prove it.

Which begs the question, if Steve Bannon is so willing to “go before Congress,” why, when he was subpoenaed to do just that, did he refuse?

Calling the 2020 election the “big steal,” Bannon said it was just as providential as 2016 because last year’s election exposed what “they stand for.” People are no longer fooling themselves, Bannon explained. He also accused the “elites” of pursuing “the Chinese Communist model,” saying they want “state capitalism” and a totalitarian government, including social credit scores.

Citing the importance of Arizona, Bannon said that it is “mathematically impossible” that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

Watch Bannon’s keynote speech HERE.