Steve Bannon Defends Fox News Star From Dr. Fauci’s Firing Request

( While speaking at a recent Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix, Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested the best way to interview Dr. Anthony Fauci is through an ambush-style interview like the kind Project Veritas does.

And in describing how to do it, Watters used the term “going for the kill shot.”

Naturally, a dishonest Leftist on Twitter posted a video from Watters’ speech that conveniently removed all context to make it appear that Watters was using “incendiary, dangerous, violent rhetoric” to gin up a crowd to attack Fauci.

And because CNN just accepts as fact whatever a Leftist posts on Twitter, last Tuesday morning on CNN’s New Day, host John Berman played a cherry-picked segment of Watters’ remarks during his interview with Anthony Fauci and portrayed Watters’ speech as advocating a mob “ambush” Fauci in public.

After playing the clip, Berman asked Fauci how he feels about Watters advocating violence against him. Can you believe these people?

Big surprise, Anthony Fauci was outraged. Calling what Watters said “horrible,” Fauci suggested that Jesse Watters “be fired on the spot.”

But Fauci’s calls for Watters to be fired weren’t based on what Watters said; they were based solely on the cherry-picked clip John Berman played.

Watters told the audience to be “respectful” if they ever confronted Fauci. His suggestion was about an “ambush interview,” not a crowd of people ambushing Fauci in the street. He isn’t Maxine Waters after all. And the “kill shot” was about the final question an interviewer would ask the caught-off-guard Fauci.

In other words, Watters was using this thing called “metaphor.”

It was so blatantly obvious that both John Berman and the Leftist on Twitter who started the outrage were lying that even Snopes fact-checked the claim and found it false.

Fox News responded to the stupid non-story by releasing a statement saying a full review of the video and transcript of Watters’ speech made it clear he was using a metaphor for asking “hard-hitting questions to Dr. Fauci,” adding that his words were taken out of context.

Greg Gutfeld, Watters’ co-host from The Five, hammered CNN and John Berman for their lie, pointing out on Twitter that if Jesse Watters were a private citizen, he could sue CNN. Calling out Berman by name, Gutfeld told him to “be a man” and correct his reporting.

And on his show, podcaster Steve Bannon praised Jesse Watters and warned Dr. Fauci that he would be “held accountable and responsible” for his role in the COVID pandemic.