Steve Bannon Dares Merrick Garland To Charge Donald Trump

( Last Friday, podcaster Steve Bannon predicted that Republican lawmakers would impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland if he brings charges against former President Donald Trump based on the “evidence” from the January 6 select committee.

During his Friday podcast, Bannon dismissed the select committee’s primetime “hearing,” saying Americans weren’t impressed with what the committee revealed.

Bannon then reiterated his belief that Trump won the 2020 election and was the legitimate president, claiming Americans are waking up to that.

Then Bannon challenged Attorney General Garland to try to indict Trump, saying if he does, Garland will be impeached when Republicans take back Congress after the Midterms.

Many Republican lawmakers are already talking about impeaching Merrick Garland, but not over a possible Trump indictment.

Senator Tom Cotton has been calling for Merrick Garland’s impeachment over the Justice Department’s failure to stop the unlawful “protests” outside of the conservative justices’ homes while targeting parents as domestic terrorists for protesting at school board meetings.