Steve Bannon Calls Dr. Fauci A “Dog”

( Steve Bannon, the former advisor to President Donald Trump and a long-time ally of his Make America Great Again agenda, is hardly a fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci…and he made that pretty clear once again during an episode of his “War Room” podcast.

Bannon warned Fauci, the head of the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response, that he should prepare for a lawsuit and accused him of promoting murderous policies and being a “pathological” liar and a “dog.”

It comes after thousands of Fauci’s emails were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed how Fauci didn’t believe masks were effective in preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, as the virus is so small it can simply slip through the fabric used in most non-medical masks.

Bannon told Fauci that, as he is lawyering up, he should remember that the American public will “get all the records.”

He called him a “pathological liar” and said that what he has said throughout the pandemic, from his flip-flopping positions on mask wearing to his claim that the United States government did not provide funding for Gain of Function research In China, is not spinnable.

Bannon warned that they have the data, presumably regarding the origins of the virus, and accused Fauci of being a “running dog for the CCP.”

You can watch him lay into Fauci in the clip below:

Bannon also rubbished Fauci’s claims that his opinions changed as the data changed, saying that his emails suggest otherwise, and claimed that Fauci even lied to the National Security Council.

Watch the clip and see for yourself. It looks like Dr. Anthony Fauci is going to be in for a rough ride as the pandemic comes to an end…