Stephen King’s Attack On Ted Cruz Didn’t Work At All

When renowned horror writer Stephen King tried to humiliate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for planning a trip to Cancun in 2021, Cruz gave him a hard time about the current problem on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Over several days, Cruz and King engaged in a brief Twitter spat that began with Cruz sharing a video of his recent appearance on Fox News, where he explains that he’s spent a lot of time at the southern border. 

Cruz explained that he hangs around with the U.S. border patrol quite often. He said it’s never been this bad, calling it an invasion. He said with Joe Biden as president, our families are in danger.

Cruz said in the tape that the number of persons on the Terror Watch List seen by the Border Patrol so far in the fiscal year 2023 (far from done) was 125, up from 98 in 2022, 15 in 2021, and 3 in 2020.

More than six million people, he said, have crossed the border illegally since President Biden took office, calling it “the worst in history.”

King responded then, tweeting about Cruz’s trip, which happened simultaneously with a fatal frost and power outage in Cruz’s home state. Also, you’ve been to Cancun quite a bit. The author wondered aloud, “That’s pretty south, right?”

Cruz responded by writing that the Multi-millionaire Leftist King sits in his big house in Maine and makes jokes while kids are being molested and women are being sexually attacked at the Southern border.

The Senator continued by saying King doesn’t care about the pain, the 100,000 Americans who died of drug overdoses last year, or the 853 migrants who perished in the same period. 

He quipped that he was confused as to what King wanted to discuss. Cancun?

On Cancun, King tried again, saying Cruz was worth three million dollars. King called the senator “Teddy.”

He mocked Cruz, saying he could travel to Cancun whenever he liked. He then asked, sarcastically, how the people who elected him were doing.

Cruz retorted again, saying that he was worth more than King had stated, reminding him also that he was the son of a penniless immigrant. Cruz wondered why King had ignored his argument about the border situation.

Cruz surmised that wealthy Hollywood liberals don’t care if their ideas damage ordinary people.