Stephen Colbert’s Crew Broke Into Capitol Claiming They Were “Let In”

( Nine staffers from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” including the actor behind “Triumph the Insult Dog” were arrested last week by US Capitol Police for trespassing after entering the US Capitol Thursday night.

The Colbert crew was arrested in Longworth House Office Building and charged with illegal entry after hours. According to reports, the nine individuals had been escorted out of the January 6 select committee hearing earlier that day for not having press credentials, but then quickly returned to breach Capitol security a second time.

At around 8:30 pm, Capitol Police received a call about a disturbance in the Longworth building. The individuals were recognized as the same ones ejected from the hearing and were charged with Unlawful Entry.

The Colbert staffers had taken photos and videos near Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s office as well as near the office of Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy where they pounded on the doors and shouted to be let in.

According to Jesse Watters from the Fox News Channel, Colbert’s people were let into the building by Democrat Congressmen Adam Schiff of California and Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts.

Naturally, many on the right are demanding that these trespassers receive the same treatment as the Trump supporters who were charged with trespassing on the Capitol on January 6.

They won’t, of course. It is more likely the charges against them will be dropped.

But it certainly is not a good look that Adam Schiff would have invited people to trespass on the Capitol while he is participating in a hearing prompted by people trespassing on the Capitol.

In a tongue-in-cheek segment on Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave the Colbert Capitol Breach the same kind of breathless coverage CNN has given to the January 6 Capitol Breach.

Tucker then invited American Greatness senior editor Julie Kelly on to continue the satirical CNN-style coverage of the Colbert Insurrection:

On Wednesday, Tucker recapped the whole ridiculous scene: