State Newspaper Chief Threatens American “Invaders”

( The lunatic editor-in-chief of China’s state-run newspaper took to Twitter last Thursday to suggest that China should use airstrikes to kill American service members stationed in Taiwan.

After an exclusive report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that two dozen US troops had been secretly training Taiwanese soldiers, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times tweeted that China should take action against these American “invaders” in Taiwan.

According to the Journal, US service members made up of Marines and other special forces teams have been assisting members of the Taiwanese military for at least a year.

In his tweet, Hu wanted to know why these special forces teams were there secretly. He then suggested the US send them publicly, in uniform and publicly announce where they are stationed to see whether the Peoples Liberation Army “will launch a targeted air strike to eliminate those US invaders!”

The Global Times has been pushing inflammatory propaganda promoting the Chinese takeover of Taiwan for quite some time now. It has also criticized other outlets for presenting Taiwan as an independent nation rather than part of China.

Tensions in the region have been on the rise over the last several months. In the first days of October, China’s military sent 150 Chinese warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace. On October 3, 39 fighter jets passed to the south of Taiwan – setting a single-day record for Chinese incursion. A record that was broken on Monday, October 4 when 56 jets breached Taiwan’s airspace.

Last week the Taiwanese defense minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng told the parliament that he believed China would be able to launch a “full-scale attack” on Taiwan by 2025, and would likely suffer few casualties.

And through it all, the Global Times has been the CCP’s most virulent and full-throated cheerleader for war. The Global Times is part of the People’s Daily – China’s largest newspaper conglomerate which is run by the Chinese Communist Party itself. The Global Times has often been referred to as “China’s most belligerent tabloid.”

Last week, in an article blasting the “collusion” between the United States and Taiwan, the Global Times warned that World War Three could happen “at any time.”