Sri Lanka Ship Caused Major Damage To Planet, UN Says

( On Saturday, a United Nations official said that significant damage to the planet was recently caused by a ship sinking off the coast of Sri Lanka.

The U.N. Resident Coordinator for Sri Lanka, Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, issued a statement describing how the United Nations is working with Sri Lanka to examine what damage has been done. Singer-Hamdy also told the press that recovery efforts are looking to see what can be done to prevent disasters like this again in the future.

It comes after the MV X-Press Pearl ship sank in June this year after the vessel caught fire. The ship was carrying a variety of harmful chemicals, including nitric acid and hundreds of tons of oil.

All things that should not be left in the ocean…

Singer-Hamdy said that an environmental emergency like this can cause “significant damage to the planet” with hazardous substances being released into the ecosystem. The U.N. official added that it can threaten lives of people who live in the coastal regions, given how the chemicals can poison fish and water – two crucial resources for people in the Sri Lanka area.

Much of the chemicals that were on board the ship were thankfully destroyed in the fire, meaning much of the acid and oil was significantly reduced in volume before the ship sank. However, a huge amount of plastic and fibreglass eventually dropped into the ocean and polluted surrounding beaches.

According to the Associated Press, the Sri Lankan government has made a claim for $40 million damaged to the container shipping group responsible for the disaster. The money will be used to pay for the cost of Sri Lankan officials fighting the fire.

81 out of 1,500 containers being carried on the ship were identified as being “dangerous,” but it still leaves you wondering…what else from those hundreds of other containers is now floating across the ocean surrounding Sri Lanka?