Soros: Russia’s Attack Could Spark End of Civilization

( George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and political agitator, claimed recently that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could be the beginning of the end of civilization.

Writing on Project Syndicate, Soros said that the Russian president went about “realizing his life’s dream with incredible brutality” and that he now appears to have “lost touch with reality.”

Interesting…we agree with George Soros on this one.

“Putin seems to have gone literally mad,” Soros said. “He appears to be acting without any constraint. He is throwing the entire Russian army into the battle and ignoring all the rules of war, not least by indiscriminately bombing the civilian population.”

Soros was referring to the Russian military’s apparent disregard for the lives of civilians, with residential buildings targeted in the nation’s major cities – including Mariupol and Kiev. Civilians are dying in the streets, Russia is using thermo-weapons that generate enough heat to vaporize human bodies, and there is even talk that Russia is planning on unleashing biological or chemical weapons in a last ditched effort to finally take control of Kiev.

Perhaps the only thing stopping the Russians from using those kinds of weapons right now is the fact that so many Russian troops are already in Ukraine – and could be killed by their own weapons.

Soros also indicated that China might not be entirely on Russia’s side with the war, too, arguing that Chinese President Xi Jinping “seems to have realized that Putin has gone rogue.”

No matter what Xi says to Putin, however, Soros doesn’t believe that the Russian leader is likely to listen.

“We can only hope that Putin and Xi will be removed from power before they can destroy our civilization,” he said, adding that the February 24 invasion of Ukraine was the beginning of a third world war.

We don’t agree with Soros on much…but he isn’t exactly wrong about this one.