Soros Operative Nandini Jammi Is Targeting Ukrainian Workers During A War, Watchdog Group Finds

( Nandini Jammi, the political zealot behind the censorship group “Check My Ads,” is aiming her gun at a Ukrainian digital advertising company.

Since the start of Russia’s alleged “special military operation” in February, MGID, a Kyiv-based digital advertising agency, has been able to keep up and running. MGID has demonstrated the resilience of the Ukrainian people by putting up a heroic battle against Vladimir Putin, showing up to work every day when major population centers throughout the nation are being attacked with cruise missiles and drone strikes.

On Sunday, the Russian military fired four cruise missiles into Kyiv.

However, MGID says that despite the frequent bombardment, they have kept their company functioning while sheltering from rocket assaults in a basement as war rages.

Nandini Jammi’s activism is another form of a missile, and the intent is to destroy the company.

This week, Jammi, a hard-left, partisan activist who falsely claims that her “Check My Ads” organization is combating “disinformation,” complained that MGID is still making money off of websites that she “disagrees with.”

Her latest target is JournalistenWatch, a website in Germany that promotes “COVID conspiracies and Islamophobia.”

Jammi did not specifically mention any false information provided by the website. It doesn’t matter. This destroyer summons her minions, and they’ll do the rest. The irrational and unhinged anger in her tweets is the extent of her heavy lifting.

The self-appointed sentinel, Jammi, utterly fails to comprehend that most people on the rest of the planet do not share the extreme, ultra-partisan agenda that she and her followers in the mainstream media have been pushing.

Her determination to shut down blogs, commenters, and companies that do not share her radical perspective is a sad commentary on the status of speech in today’s society.

Jammi also made threats against Mike Zaneis, the CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), a cross-industry initiative that supports brand safety in digital advertising products. In a tweet posted on June 7, Jammi expressed dissatisfaction with TAG for permitting brands to maintain their brand safety certifications while inquiries into far-left complaints continue. (This procedure ensures businesses are not unfairly harmed financially by unfounded allegations made by extreme political activists like Jammi.)

In a tweet, the childish and frustrated Jammi stated that she wasn’t going to wait 12 months for TAG to “correct this stuff.”

“I’m telling you right now,” Jammi wrote.

The goal of Jammi and Check My Ads is crystal clear. She wants MGID’s brand safety certification to be revoked merely because the network doesn’t engage in political discrimination.

If her intimidation strategy is successful, it might damage the careers of an incalculable number of Ukrainian workers. At the same time, Ukrainians experience daily missile attacks, and families already living in a warzone are impacted by rising food and energy prices.

We hope you’ll join us in condemning this despicable behavior and calling on Nandini Jammi to end her campaign of harassment against companies that do.