Sinister red crosses on rooftops and a city in fear

( In Ukraine, rumors began to swirl over the appearance of dozens of red and green painted crosses that appeared on the rooftops of buildings in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine just days after Russia invaded.

Some speculated that the crosses were painted on roofs to assist Russian bombers to pinpoint their targets.

But after the same red crosses were discovered on treetops near several other places, including near a 13th-century castle, police and government officials began to suspect they were painted weeks ahead of the invasion not to guide bombers, but Putin’s paratroopers.

From what they can glean, the green crosses seem to indicate a good drop-zone whereas the red crosses indicate danger.

Volunteers began scouring the streets at night when the crosses are most visible working to cover them up. On Sunday, these volunteers discovered 40 crosses, including one on the roof of a large apartment building in the suburb of Levandivka.

Of greater concern for the residents of Lviv, however, is its neighbor to the north, Belarus, and its president Alexander Lukashenko, known as Europe’s last dictator. Lukashenko is Vladimir Putin’s fiercest ally.

There have been reports that Lukashenko is preparing to join Russia’s invasion and declare war on Ukraine. As it is, he has played host to tens of thousands of Russian troops and allowed Putin to stage his northern invasion into Ukraine from Belarus.

This week, the European Union warned that Belarus’ dangerous decision to drop its non-nuclear status could result in some of Russia’s nuclear arsenal being placed there.

Lviv is less than 150 miles from the Belarusian border leaving residents fearful of Lukashenko joining the fight.

Lviv’s mayor Andriy Sadovyi has urged everyone to be prepared to defend the city, telling those without weapons to use Molotov cocktails. He also told them to cover any “incomprehensible signs” they may find and report them to the city’s hotline.

Lviv police captain Dmytro Mikhalets told residents to inspect their homes, especially rooftops or balconies, for any crosses.