Sidney Powell Says State Legislatures Have Power To Reverse Elections If Fraud Found

( Sidney Powell, the famed Texas attorney who stood up to defend former President Donald Trump in the wake of the last election, has revealed a path to overturn the result of the last election once widespread election fraud is revealed and proven in Arizona’s forensic audit.

On Monday, it was revealed how Powell believes that if Arizona and other states can provide evidence of widespread fraud, it could render the outcome of the last election invalid and reverse the election of Joe Biden.

During an interview, Powell explained the importance of forensic election audits and said that the American people deserve to have as much information as possible about the last election and that the audits currently taking place could provide the information that state legislators need to recall electors for fraud.

And if those electors are ultimately recalled, it means that President Joe Biden…didn’t win.

President Donald Trump, Sidney Powell, and former personal attorney to the president, Rudy Giuliani, all stressed from the very early days of this fight for election integrity that state legislators had the power to appoint electors based on evidence of election fraud.

And, during a series of evidentiary hearings, a team of lawyers showed evidence that fraud occurred in a number of battleground states. The Voter Integrity Project, led by Matt Braynard, offered evidence that ‚Äúproves beyond a reasonable doubt‚ÄĚ that the winner of Georgia‚Äôs presidential electoral voters is unknowable.

You can find the details of that evidence here.

But the Democrats just ignored it.

Powell explained that when state legislatures decertify the results of the 2020 election, Biden will lose electoral college votes. She said that fraud ‚Äúvitiates or disposes‚ÄĚ of everything and undoes the election of President Biden.

She even speculated that some officials could be covering up fraud to protect the established system.

With the Arizona audit results just a few weeks away, we could see progress on this (or not!) very soon.