Shooting Breaks Out At Local Walmart

( A fight between two women at a Walmart store ended with one repeatedly trying to shoot the other but missing. When the smoke cleared, they discovered an innocent bystander was shot instead.

Officers arrived at the incident and transported the injured female shopper to the hospital while searching for the gunman and her intended target, both of whom had fled the scene.

Investigators are now trying to figure out what happened at the Phoenix, Arizona, Walmart on a Sunday night.

Phoenix Police Department Sergeant Philip Krynsky explained to local media that officers responded to a complaint of gunshots inside the store. When they arrived, they discovered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound on an adult female. The victim, shot in her extremities, was removed from the store by firefighters and taken to the hospital. Officers searched the establishment but found no other victims or suspects.

A Walmart spokesman told the media that the business was routing press queries to local law enforcement since they have a thorough and current report.

According to reports, two months ago, a teen working at an area McDonald’s was shot dead inside the restaurant’s bathroom during a fight. And a sixteen-year-old Wendy’s employee was shot in the head in the Phoenix area in January during a dispute with a customer over barbecue sauce. The teen survived but needed brain surgery.

In February, five police officers were shot, and four more were injured by shrapnel while responding to reports of a shooting at a residence in South Phoenix. Someone from inside the house placed a baby outside during the incident, but as authorities attempted to move the infant to safety, the suspect opened fire. All of the injured officers were brought to the hospital and were expected to recover. During the shootout, the suspect, Morris Jones, 36, was killed.

Since January, thirty-four individuals in Arizona have died as a result of gunshot wounds, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a database that gathers information about shootings around the country. There were 15 of them in Phoenix.

But the 34 people in Arizona were victims of violent people. Not guns. Even if there were no guns, there would still be murders and the violent people who commit them.