SHOCKING VIDEO Shows Father Shot Dead In Front of Daughter in Democrat-run NYC

( New York City’s crime problem just keeps getting worse. On Sunday, a man was shot dead in the street while walking with his six-year-old daughter at roughly 6 p.m. in the Bronx. The man was holding hands with his daughter when a car pulls up, rolls down the window, and an arm appears out the window holding a gun. The footage clearly shows the man being shot dead, while his young daughter runs away in horror.

It’s every person’s worst nightmare, and it’s the sad reality of the state of New York City.

The video footage was published by Rodney Harrison, NYPD Chief of Detective. Videos like this are published in the public interest and also to give people who may know more about the incident a chance to reach out to the police.

Be warned – the footage is extremely graphic:

It comes at a time when violent crime in New York City continues to skyrocket. NBC News reporter Tom Winter noted on July 7 that there has been a 204% increase in shooting in the last 28 days, compared to the same time last year. Some 717 shooting victims have been identified this year, suggesting that it could be a result of ongoing riots and protests being encouraged by Democrats.

At the same time, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has supported efforts to defund the police department. Kowtowing to the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, de Blasio has committed to moving $1 billion in funding away from the police and has even got rid of the 600-strong plain-clothes department within the NYPD.

Would you feel safe living in NYC?