SHOCK: Leftist Jake Tapper Grills Pelosi Over Holding Out On COVID Relief Bill

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate in faith with the Republicans on a new COVID relief bill is so appalling that even far-left activists, Democrats, and left-wing news anchors are calling the veteran politician out on it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struggled to defend herself during a CNN interview on Sunday, in which she discussed her refusal to work on passing a deal that would help American workers impacted by lockdown measures.

During the interview, Tapper discussed how President Trump and the Republicans had “moved closer” to the demands put forward by the Democrats in the bill – which were extensive – and asked why Pelosi was still refusing.

“And also same thing, they keep moving the goalposts,” Pelosi dubiously claimed. “They, every time they say we move the goalposts, that means they’re projecting what they did.”

Tapper hit back at Pelosi and said that he sees it as though the Democrats are winning, and doesn’t understand why Pelosi is still holding out.

“I’m looking at all the things that the White House is moving forward to your position on,” he said. “And it seems like you could take yes for an answer.”

But Nancy Pelosi is still holding out. The House Speaker has even faced intense criticism from Democrats in Congress, with bipartisan support growing for a simple COVID relief plan that does not include the controversial and partisan demands put forward by Pelosi and co.

Tapper slammed Pelosi for holding out while tens of millions of Americans are currently on unemployment benefits.

“You’re getting a lot of messages from Democrats saying, this is good enough. We need to say yes,” he said.

But Pelosi was unfazed.

“That is not a lot of messages,” she snapped.

Pelosi then tried to claim she is “trying to unify the country.”

“And one way to do it is to come together to crush the virus, so that we can open our economy, open our schools, feed our people, 17 million children food-insecure in our country,” she continued.

Does Nancy Pelosi think a COVID relief plan that literally includes free money for illegal immigrants, bailouts for badly-run states, and various Green New Deal policies will unite the country?