Sharpton Says Trump Did Better With Black Voters Than He “SHOULD HAVE”

( Al Sharpton, formerly an American civil rights activist, revealed his racist views in the days following the 2020 presidential election, suggesting that black men shouldn’t have voted for the president. During an interview with MSNBC, Sharpton said that President Donald Trump had successfully appealed to the entrepreneurial spirit of black men and Hispanics, and said he did better than he “should” have.

Who said black Americans have to vote Democrat?

“He has done better than, in my judgment, he should have with black men and Hispanics, which means that we’ve got to really look in the civil rights community, both on the Latino and the African American side, on a real conversations in our communities on what it is to be different in terms of being entrepreneurial aspirants and being fair in terms of how we look from the whole,” he told “Morning Joe.”

The comments don’t sound like what an average person might expect from a civil rights leader who once campaigned for black Americans to be afforded the same rights as everybody else. As part of those rights, black voters and also Hispanics have the freedom to choose to vote for whoever they please.

Incredibly, Sharpton also took the opportunity to defend Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on the controversial 1994 crime bill, which was responsible for putting huge numbers of black men in prison. Sharpton defended Biden, who was a staunch advocate of the bill, by claiming he was just going along with what party leadership was saying at the time.

“I think that a lot of them bought into the false view they were putting out on Joe Biden with the crime bill rather than dealing with the fact that Joe Biden was going along with the majority of people, even in the black leadership with the black crime bill,” he said.

So, uh, just taking orders…right?

Sharpton must be angry, because President Donald Trump did extremely well with minority voters. Better than any modern Republican candidate.

The black male vote for President Donald Trump grew from a substantial 13% in 2016 to 18% in 2020. Trump also performed well among LGBT voters, despite the media suggesting he is the most racist and homophobic president in history.

So the media says Trump is a racist, Al Sharpton defends Joe Biden supporting the 1994 crime bill, and we’re meant to believe the president is a racist.