Senator Says FBI And DOJ Won’t Investigate Hunter Biden’s Laptop

( Over the weekend, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson blasted the FBI for dragging its feet over the “potentially criminal activity” contained on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

While appearing on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Johnson told host Maria Bartiromo that the FBI “hasn’t done squat” about Hunter’s laptop. He said the laptop appears to contain “all kinds of potential criminal activity” but the Justice Department and the FBI have repeatedly refused to “answer our questions about potential conflicts of interest.”

Johnson said the DOJ won’t allow the US Attorney in Delaware investigating Hunter to answer questions about whether some DOJ officials have recused themselves given their connections to the president’s son.

He told Bartiromo, “there’s an enormous cover-up going on here.”

Neither the FBI nor DOJ are “rigorously investigating this,” Johnson added, leading him to suspect the FBI and DOJ may be “involved in the cover-up as well.”

He told Bartiromo that even if the US Attorney indicts Hunter Biden, he is concerned that the Justice Department will seal the records to keep the American public from learning the truth.

Johnson added that the American people deserve to know the truth “because Joe Biden is certainly compromised.”

Senator Johnson has been looking into Hunter’s foreign business deals for several years. In September 2020, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released its comprehensive report on what it had learned about Hunter’s foreign financial dealings.

So if anyone would know whether Joe Biden is compromised, it would be Senator Johnson.

In his interview on Sunday, Johnson said the treatment Hunter has received from federal law enforcement and the DOJ is another example of a “two-tiered justice system” in the United States. And Hunter is a part of the justice system that covers up for Democrats “and their powerful friends, the elites,” Johnson said.