Senator Requests Information on FBI’s Aerial Surveillance in Kenosha

( After FBI surveillance footage taken during the Kenosha riots turned up in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting information on how the FBI uses surveillance craft during riots and what it does with the footage.

In his letter, Johnson cited the use of such surveillance aircraft and asked if the footage is captured in different quality levels. He asked Director Wray to provide for him how the FBI determines when and where it will monitor unrest, how many aircraft are deployed, who monitors the video, how the FBI shares the footage with local law enforcement, and what their surveillance team does when the surveillance catches a crime in progress.

The video shown during the Rittenhouse trial, and obtained by Human Events, includes aerial footage from the FBI showing Rittenhouse and the others involved in the shooting. This video was shown to the jury during the testimony of FBI agent Brandon Craimin who was one of the agents who filmed the footage:

The FBI allegedly testified in private that they had another version of the video in HD that they did not supply to the defense. When asked for a copy, the FBI allegedly denied the defense’s request saying the video no longer existed.

During cross-examination of Agent Craimin, the defense asked for the tail number of the FBI plane, prompting an objection from the prosecution. Judge Bruce Schroeder asked for a sidebar to discuss the issue of the aerial footage and cleared the jury from the room.

Rittenhouse’s lead lawyer, Mark Richards told Judge Schroeder he believed that there was other video footage, captured by the FBI, that was no longer available. Richards reportedly said it was “preposterous” that the FBI allegedly lost the footage.

Johnson requested Wray provide detailed information specifically during the Kenosha riots from August 23 to September 2, 2020, and gave him until November 23 to provide the information.

What are the chances Wray will comply?

But this is what Republican Senators do instead of anything substantive. They write letters, demand information, give a deadline. Then when they don’t get what they want, they start the charade all over again.

And while it might be argued that, as the minority, Republicans can do little else, the truth is, even when Republicans held the Senate, all they did was write angry letters.