Senator Rand Paul Slams “Fearmongers” Trying To Prop Up Delta COVID

( The media is roiling itself into Pandemic Panic mode again. This time peddling fear and terror over the “Delta” variant of COVID-19. It’s as if they never want the panic porn to end.

The White House and its COVID Elf Dr. Anthony Fauci have also been beating the drum of panic over the Delta variant. President Biden’s official Twitter account tweeted out the claim that the Delta variant is “more contagious” and “deadlier” than the original strain.

But is it?

On Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul tried to quash the histrionic fearmongering with facts, pointing out on Twitter that a recent study on the Delta variant out of England shows that among the unvaccinated individuals infected with the Delta variant, the death rate is a mere 0.08% — 44 deaths out of 53,822 infections.

“Don’t let the fearmongers win,” Paul tweeted.

Based on the case fatality rate, the Delta variant is no more deadly than the flu. As with most respiratory viruses, the pandemic has morphed into a more transmissible, but less virulent form. Those hospitalized in England with the Delta variant stayed for a shorter amount of time than those hospitalized from the original COVID-19 virus, resulting in 25% fewer COVID-occupied beds than during the initial wave.

Researchers in the UK reported that many infected with the Delta variant go undiagnosed because their symptoms are so much milder, it is assumed to be nothing more than a chest cold.

In other words, President Biden lied. The Delta variant isn’t “deadlier” at all.

Senator Paul also visited a Greensburg, Kentucky coffee shop Tuesday where he criticized the push to force Americans back behind masks over a variant with a miniscule death rate.

Paul said that the numbers confirm that America is beyond the worst of this pandemic. Additionally, he said, America has “reached a level of immunity between natural infection and vaccines” that even if another surge in the virus happens, “we’re not going to get large numbers of infections again.”

Regarding the government’s push to get everyone vaccinated, Senator Paul reiterated what he has been saying all along – the government should not tell Americans what to do. “In a free society,” Paul explained “we make these decisions.”