Sen. Schumer Issues Warning As Govt. Shutdown Looms

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer warned lawmakers that the country was facing a “grave scenario.” There has been no speaker of the House of Representatives for the past several weeks, and the current funding package is set to expire in around forty days.

To make his point, the New York Democrat said he hopes it is clear that MAGA radicalism is awful for the country and isn’t suitable for the House Republican leadership, it isn’t good for the GOP, and it isn’t ideal for Congress.

The House has come to a complete and total halt, he said on the Senate floor, and “we find ourselves in a terrible scenario” with around forty days until the government shutdown. Until the Republicans end their infighting, the House will not have any votes on any bills. No progress can be made on the appropriations work at this time.

He claimed that if the speaker were removed, it could compromise national security.

Schumer asked what would happen if some crisis were to happen that requires fast action.

On Tuesday, the Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position as speaker of the House by a 216-210 margin. All House Democrats and eight Republican members voted to remove Mr. McCarthy from office.

This is the first time a speaker has been ousted in the republic’s history. Previous votes have not resulted in removing any speaker of the house.

North Carolina Republican Representative Patrick McHenry has been designated Speaker of the House of Representatives in the interim before a permanent replacement is elected. The government money will stop being available after November 17th.

Schumer said before trying to “coddle the hard right” whoever becomes the new speaker should “give it some real thought.”

He said every predecessor who tried to kowtow to the hard right got burned. He urges the next speaker to refrain from repeating this mistake for their own and the country’s sake.