Sen Cotton: Evidence “All Points Toward the Wuhan Labs” as SOURCE of Coronavirus

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Republican Senator for Arkansas, Tom Cotton, said on Tuesday that some “circumstantial” evidence suggests that the source of the Chinese coronavirus was the famed Wuhan Institute of Virology or another lab nearby.

In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, Cotton expressed his view that the virus likely escaped from one of the two laboratories in the Wuhan area that study viruses.

“Wuhan has two labs where we know bats and humans interacted,” he wrote. “One is the Institute of Virology, eight miles from the wet market; the other is the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, barely 300 yards from the market.”

The wet market he mentions is widely believed to be the original source of the market. At least, that’s what the media says, anyway. Wet markets are places in China where live and exotic animals are sold for food and medicinal purposes. The conditions are notoriously dirty and cruel, with animals being stacked up in cages where they defecate and urinate on one another.

These markets were breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, and because live bats are sold in the market, many believe that the Wuhan virus came from the city’s bustling wet market. But some think it’s more sinister than that.

“Both labs collect live animals to study viruses,” Cotton explained in the piece. “Their researchers travel to caves across China to capture bats for this purpose. Chinese state media released a minidocumentary in mid-December following a team of Wuhan CDC researchers collecting viruses from bats in caves. The researchers fretted openly about the risk of infection.

Despite the circumstantial evidence pointing to the possibility that the virus did come from a laboratory, the media and social media giants have been working overtime to ensure people don’t say it. Financial news website ZeroHedge was recently banned from Twitter for publishing commentary on this exact issue, and media outlet Epoch Times came under fire for publishing a documentary exploring the same topic.

Cotton also referenced the attempted coverup of the virus in China during the early days of the outbreak.

“In early January, enforcers threatened doctors who warned their colleagues about the virus,” he said. “Among them was Li Wenliang, who died of COVID-19 in February. Laboratories working to sequence the virus’s genetic code were ordered to destroy their samples. The laboratory that first published the virus’s genome was shut down, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported in February.”

Would an innocent government do that?