Secret Service Reportedly Assaulted Woman Ahead Of Biden Visit

( An Israeli lady alleges a US Secret Service member raped her before President Biden’s visit last month, and officials have done nothing to bring her accused attacker to justice.

Tamar Ben-Haim, 30, claimed to Fox News she was heading home when a “big guy” attacked her unprovoked a week before Biden’s arrival.

She claims she was punched over and over. She felt like a “punching bag” but grew terrified when she saw his pistol.

“I was in total shock,” she told the news outlet, breaking into tears. “He was so strong … I couldn’t even attempt to defend myself. In my head, I was thinking, ‘You won’t survive this. This is the end of your life.’”

During the incident, she heard an armed onlooker yelling English at the man, suggesting they knew one other. He pushed her assailant off her, and she ran down the street while taking two photographs and calling the Israeli police.

She gave the police the images but never heard from them while she recovered in bed for three days.

The Secret Service acknowledged to The Post that an employee was “supposedly involved in a violent incident” outside a club a week before Biden’s trip to Israel.

Israeli police questioned and discharged the employee without charges. The employee has returned, the agency stated.

Access to Secret Service networks and facilities has been suspended pending an inquiry.

Ben-Haim didn’t learn who attacked her until Israeli TV program Arutz phoned her, she said to Fox. Both individuals were on Biden’s Secret Service team, the station said.

According to an Israeli network, her accused assailant is Secret Service Counter Assault Team. Surveillance footage shows the agent leaving a pub before the confrontation.

When he was revealed, Ben-Haim felt more rage and hurt. “He’s not homeless. “He’s a trained fighter.”

She didn’t smell alcohol on his breath, but he stumbled as he left.

Since the incident, Israeli officials told her the suspect had fled the country. US officials, she says, are trying to “brush this under the carpet.”

“This isn’t a third-world. She told Fox, “America is the world’s example, and he works for the president.” “They sent him back as if nothing happened, and they expect me to go on.”

Ben-Haim is healing and has had chest X-rays. She’s contemplating her legal options and may request an expedited visa to heal with family in America.