Secret Service K9 to be First Dog to Get Distinguished Service Medal

( A former Secret Service K9 will become the very first four-legged recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal.

The Belgian Malinois named Hurricane valiantly took down an intruder who jumped the White House fence while then-President Barack Obama and his family were in the residence. Hurricane’s handler Marshall Mirarchi stood by as his K9 partner engaged with the intruder and brought him down. The man was arrested, but not before Hurricane got injured forcing the K9 into early retirement.

After Hurricane retired, Mirarchi adopted him. And one of the first things Mirarchi did was take Hurricane to a doggie dentist to replace his teeth that were worn and cracked from Secret Service K9 training.

Now, Hurricane has fangs made of titanium.

Hurricane’s 15-second takedown of that White House intruder qualified him to be one of six dogs who are receiving national recognition from Congress for acts of heroism. Hurricane will be the very first dog in US history to receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Several nonprofit groups had lobbied Congress to recognize the K9s who, like their 2-legged counterparts, put their lives on the line to protect others.

Of the six dogs being honored by Congress, three will receive their national recognition posthumously.