Seattle Gov Officials Give CONCRETE BARRIERS to Help CHAZ Mark Boundaries

( Rather than sending in the local police department to reclaim the six blocks of the city of Seattle claimed by armed gangs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists, local government officials have instead gifted concrete barriers to the protest group to help better define their borders. The Seattle Department of Transport gifted the barriers to the extremist protesters, suggesting local government authorities don’t have any intention to move in and remove the illegal occupiers any time soon.

“Tuesday morning, the Seattle Department of Transportation added concrete barriers to the edges of the six-nine block protest zone surrounding the abandoned SPD East Precinct,” Q13 Fox reported, adding it was a sign that the city officials “could be letting the protesters stay long-term.”

The report also suggested the city added the barriers to stop people from driving cars through gangs of armed extremist protesters, while also ensuring that emergency vehicles have access to the area. Omar Lewis, a reporter for Q13 Fox, tweeted footage of the concrete barriers that are surrounded by wooden crates.

On Monday, Police Chief Carmen Best explained that despite the police still having authority to enforce the law in all parts of the city, the new barriers erected around CHAZ stop them from being able to perform their role efficiently.

“When it comes to that particular area, we have – if we get a call, there’s an important emergency, a 911 call, we’re going in,” she said. “We’re going to do our job. I have a list of reports we’ve taken already. But we also have to be considerate of the delicate situation that we have there.”

Carmen Best has expressed her frustration with the city government in recent weeks, and she once again said she is “not thrilled about the situation.”

Police officers in Seattle are facing pressure from local government, including Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan, not to stop people from illegally occupying the six-block region of the city.