Sean Hannity Reveals Devastating News For Our Country

( On Tuesday, two days after Kabul fell, Fox News host Sean Hannity called the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan the “single largest military intel debacle” he has ever seen and as a result, Joe Biden has destroyed America’s credibility.


There is no doubt that Biden’s bungling has done great harm to America’s standing in the world.

It has emboldened America’s enemies and dispirited America’s allies.

On Wednesday, the UK Parliament voted to hold President Biden in contempt over his withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it “catastrophic” and “shameful.” During the session, members of Parliament warned that Biden’s actions in Afghanistan would only embolden Russia and China.

According to reports on Friday, during the G7 summit in June, President Biden assured UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the US would maintain enough of a security presence in Afghanistan to keep Kabul safe. The UK believed him, so much so that it decided it could maintain its Kabul embassy after the withdrawal.

The UK Guardian reported on Friday that the White House’s readout of a call between President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron from Thursday omitted an impassioned plea Macron made to Biden.

In the French government’s readout of the call, Macron told Biden that the US and its allies have a “moral responsibility” to evacuate the thousands of Afghan allies who worked with NATO forces. However, the White House readout makes no mention of Macron’s plea.

Of the estimated ten thousand Americans trapped in Afghanistan, as of Saturday, only 2,500 have been evacuated. And the longer they remain, the more likely it is some will end up dead.

On Saturday, the website for the US Embassy in Kabul issued an alert to Americans still trapped in the country, telling them that due to potential security threats outside of the Kabul airport, US citizens are advised not to travel to the airport and to avoid the airport gates.

There are reports that these “potential security threats” include possible ISIS terror attacks targeting the crowds of people surging outside of Kabul’s airport.

And because this administration is completely lacking in self-awareness, Secretary of State Antony Blinken took to Twitter on Saturday morning to commemorate International Day of Remembrance to the victims of terrorism, tweeting “the United States stands resolute in our commitment to holding terrorists to account.”

What an absolute mess.