Schumer Is Quietly Talking With McConnell About How To Kill MAGA

( After the results of the midterm elections, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) intends to meet with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to try to persuade him to drop the “MAGA Republicans” from his party.

While promoting bipartisanship on CNN This Morning on Monday, Schumer made it clear that he has no interest in working with those he considers “MAGA” — and he hopes to persuade Republican leadership to feel the same way. Democrats will control the Senate, and a slight Republican majority will likely hold the House.

When asked what advice he would give other Democrats, Schumer responded, “Let’s attempt to sit down with the Republicans and get something done.” “Stop letting them lead your party.”

Hopefully, if this meeting occurs, Mitch McConnell will have the strength to tell Schumer he will do what he requests as soon as he ousts the democrats of the right’s choosing.

Democrats frequently refer to “MAGA Republicans,” a group President Joe Biden controversially described as an extremist threat to the country.

There is no definite time for this meeting with McConnell.

When co-host Don Lemon questioned Schumer about cutting off a segment of his party, Schumer responded that he believed that bipartisanship would be somehow encouraged by highlighting the party’s defeats.

“Because they were defeated, it’s different this time. It turned out that the red wave was a mirage. The fact that ordinary Americans, including those in the middle and those who tended to be Republican, said, “I’m terrified of this MAGA,” was one of the key reasons—certainly not the main one. They’re attempting to destroy our democracy, he declared.

“Malarkey!” as Joe Biden would say.

McConnell will receive a message from Schumer that “the MAGA republican method didn’t work.”

The senator declared, “If you’re a decent Republican Party leader, you say continuing to follow them is a path to disaster.”

Following the path of The Squad is what? A path to Shangra-la?