Schumer Calls for $1.5 Billion in Funding for Gun Task Force

( New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants the federal government to cough up $1.5 billion to help get illegal guns off the streets of New York City.

During a press conference in Manhattan last Sunday, the Senate Majority Leader said New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s new Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns won’t work unless the federal government and the ATF have the money to “choke off crime.”

But the problem isn’t caused by a lack of money. The problem is New York prosecutors are soft on crime. What’s the point of throwing money at the problem when criminals arrested for possession of illegal firearms won’t be prosecuted?

Hochul’s “task force” includes more than 50 groups from New York and neighboring states. The goal is to choke off the flow of illegal guns coming into the city by taking on gun trafficking and traffickers.

But, again, if someone is arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, prosecutors in New York can’t be counted on to bring charges.

But according to Schumer, without that $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding, the task force’s goal “will not have their full impact.” He also believes the additional billion and a half will enable the ATF to “do much more at the national level.”

He told reporters that he is putting the issue on the “front burner” and planned to secure the money during negotiations in the Senate.

Democrats always believe money is the solution for everything. But so long as New York and other Democrat-run cities and states continue to pass crime-friendly laws like bail reform while refusing to bring charges on gun violations, no amount of money will put a dent in the crime wave gripping the country.

For his part, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has reinstated the plainclothes NYPD anti-crime unit that was disbanded during the 2020 push to “defund the police.” This anti-crime unit will now focus primarily on curbing gun crime in the city.

In early January, New York officials said the task force created by the Governor’s office in partnership with NYPD and Mayor Adams will ensure law enforcement officials in the state can “share intelligence and strategies” for stopping illegal gun trafficking. It will also cooperate with neighboring states including Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Ohio to determine where these illegal guns are coming from.