Schools Struggle To Spend Money Fast Enough As Money Pours In

( The Wall Street Journal reported last Wednesday that US schools have only spent about 7 percent of the $122 billion in federal aid that was part of Biden’s inflation-creating American Rescue Plan.

According to the Journal, throughout the country, districts are “struggling” to find ways to spend the added taxpayer money earmarked for schools in the $1.9 trillion spending bill passed in early 2021 before the funds expire.

The LA Unified School District, for example, hasn’t spent a penny of the $2.5 billion it received while New York City Public Schools’ spending was “behind target.”

The American Rescue Plan provided funding to school districts to pay salaries and mental health services. It could also be used to purchase the PPE or ventilators that teachers’ unions were demanding as a prerequisite to return to in-person instruction. Another 20 percent of the funding was to go to programs combatting learning loss caused by remote instruction during the lockdowns.

However, schools are reluctant to use the funds to hire more teachers out of concerns that once the American Rescue Plan money expires, they won’t be able to continue paying the added staff.

Other schools had no problem using the taxpayer money to spit in the eye of taxpayers. In Virginia, Fairfax County Public Schools used the funding to give $32.7 million in bonuses to teachers after the 2020/2021 school year. Fairfax also spent half a million dollars on an online tutoring program designed to reverse some of the negative effects of online learning.

Combatting the negative impact of online learning with an online tutoring program? Did Fairfax County Schools not see the inherent problem with that?

According to parental rights advocate Amy Carney, a lot of school districts are using the American Rescue Plan funds to hire groups who design and administer surveys schools can use to question students about gender identity and sexual preference.

Well, that will certainly help combat “learning loss” from remote teaching.

The funds allocated to schools through the American Rescue Plan will be forfeit if they aren’t spent by September 2024.