School Photographer Accused Of Being Predator Around Children

( According to a statement released on Wednesday by the primary school administrator, a photographer who had been employed to shoot school pictures at an Arizona elementary school has been accused of committing “offenses against minors.”

Superintendent of Liberty Elementary School, Lori Shough, said that the Buckeye Police Department in Buckeye, Arizona was notified by the Liberty Elementary School District of reports that the contracted photographer for the school had allegedly committed offenses against minors that were salacious in nature.

Even though it is not apparent who is responsible for making the charges, the campus police department had initiated an inquiry into the alleged incident that took place in September when the photographer was present on campus.

As for the contracted photographer, the district canceled a scheduled ‘retake day’ of school pictures involving this individual. Shough said.

“Retake day” refers to the day when students have the opportunity to retake their school portraits. In addition, the municipality has decided to shelve any possible photography contracts with the company in question indefinitely.

According to the information provided by the police department to the Daily Caller News Foundation, no arrests have been made in connection with the charges, and the names of the photographic company and photographer are unknown.

According to what the department sent to the DCNF, this incident was reported to Buckeye police on September 2, 2022.

Detectives are currently in the process of conducting a great number of interviews as the investigation is just getting started. The Buckeye Police Department is in contact with the Buckeye school district.
Shough requested that the Buckeye Police Department be provided with additional details regarding the event at the school.

According to Shough, one of the most problematic aspects of these scenarios is that “information is really limited.”

“At this moment, there is nothing else that can be disclosed to the public,” Shough said.