School Bus Driver Caught Drinking On Job

Amal Hanna, a school bus driver on Long Island, was let go after she was seen on video obtaining a hard seltzer (White Claw) from the break room without realizing it contained alcohol.

Hanna said it was all an accident and has now lost a significant source of happiness. She admitted that she had shed so many tears that she was dry-eyed. She says she loves “her kids.’

Hanna voiced her concern that a blunder may land her on the streets and have her facing criminal charges. The former WE Transport Inc. employee stated that the hard seltzer can was accidentally placed in the driver’s cup holder before being promptly discovered and removed. A replacement driver finished off her shift. Hanna claimed she went there in the morning and was overjoyed to greet the children and ask how they were doing.

One of the parents, familiar with the driver, told the media that she “thinks it was a very honest mistake.” Hanna was described as “nice” by an unnamed parent, who also said the teacher had always been “friendly” to the students.

Suffolk County law enforcement officers agreed, confirming that Hanna would face no criminal charges. However, Mark Secaur, superintendent of Smithtown Central School District, was not so understanding, saying that the reported behavior was inappropriate. He added that the driver was promptly fired.

The cops conducted an inquiry and cleared the woman.

Hanna, it’s been reported, is undergoing chemotherapy for an unnamed cancer.

Meanwhile, the Smithtown school district official insists that she will never again transport any Smithtown student, despite the fact that she has been legally cleared of any wrongdoing. Secaur said the Smithtown Central School District places a high priority on student safety and will not relent in its efforts to make the schools secure for all kids.