School Board Bans Teaching Critical Race Theory To Children

( A California school district voted to ban teaching Critical Race Theory to children, according to The Daily Wire. The Temecula Valley Unified School District in southern California reportedly made the decision in a 3-2 vote that came at the end of a marathon session that last well into the morning. A conservative majority on the board has just been elected earlier in the week prior to the voting.

The resolution banning CRT stated that the district wants to unite students and not impose upon them historical transgressions, saying that they will instead “engage students of all cultures in age-appropriate critical thinking that helps students navigate the past, present, and future.”

The resolution continues to say that they are using the curriculum as instruction for how to move forward, also saying that they respect diversity.

“[R]acism has no place in American society and especially not in the Temecula Valley Unified School District,” they continued, noting that they will not tolerate racist conduct. They also pointed out that CRT is an ideology premised on false assumptions about the United States and its citizens.

The resolution argues that CRT constitutes racist conduct and violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution because it seeks to impose on others the sins of the past. Core tenets from CRT were then banned, such as the definition of racism, which includes “prejudice plus power.”

This definition of racism has often masqueraded racist conduct toward whites, alleging that “black people cannot be racist because they do not hold institutional power.”

The board also banned the ideas that one group should be discriminated against for the prosperity of another group and that one is inherently racist, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The board affirmed that meritocracy and hard work are not racist ideas meant to oppress one group or another. While the resolution does allow for some aspects of CRT to be taught, it is only to be done in a way that focuses on its faults.