Scalise Announced as New House Speaker

Internationally, President Joe Biden’s feckless and incompetent leadership has thrust the state of global politics into an anarchial and chaotic crisis. Following the presidents embarrassing and botched withdrawal of Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, enemies of America and the western world became emboldened, and have taken on increasingly aggressive stances on the world stage. Russia invaded Ukraine in eastern Europe in early 2022, bringing war back to Europe for the first time since 1945. China continues to remain aggressive in the Pacific, and in early October the terrorist group Hamas infiltrated the Israeli border with Gaza, murdering 1,000 civilians, 30 of whom were American citizens. Biden has done nothing, and as the world appears closer to world war three than ever before, America teeters on the brink of collapse.

Republicans who possess minimal governing power in the House of Representatives appear to be no better than their Democratic counterparts. While Democrats govern irresponsibly and in a damaging fashion, Republicans continue to prove that they cannot even govern at all. A rogue group of eight far-right republicans sided with Democrats in early October to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership in the U.S. House of Representatives, making history. The speaker had never before been removed from power. Matt Gaetz, the ringleader of the group, claimed that McCarthy was “not conservative enough” in his leadership, and called the stand against him as one against the GOP establishment.

Ironically, for an individual who claimed that McCarthy was not governing in a conservative manner, Gaetz and his cronies voted with progressive Democrats (the very people they claim to want to oppose) to remove him from power. Steve Scalise, the 2nd highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, was quickly nominated for the speakership. Scalise was nominated in a vote for the position, and Gaetz was vocal, stating on NBC that he would support him. Scalise would eventually withdraw his name from consideration.