Sasse Calls On DOJ To Look For Everyone Who Conspired With Epstein

( In the wake of the guilty verdict in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse released a statement blasting the Department of Justice for its failures in investigating Jeffrey Epstein allowing him to escape justice.

He accused the Justice Department of allowing a “well-connected billionaire” to get away with sex trafficking and child rape, saying it “isn’t poor judgment,” but a “disgusting failure.”

Sasse said Epstein would be “rotting behind bars today” if it weren’t for the Justice Department. Though, in fairness, the bedsheet he tied around his neck might have prevented that as well.

He accused the Justice Department of making a “crooked deal” with Epstein that shut down the investigations into his crimes and protected his co-conspirators, and demanded that the full report into Epstein be released to the public.

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of five of the six counts of child sex trafficking. Maxwell still faces trial for two charges of perjury as well.

But this past week, Maxwell’s verdict hit a speed bump.

After one of the jurors told Reuters that he used his own sexual abuse experience to persuade his fellow jurors to convict, prosecutors in Maxwell’s case requested a probe into the jury and Maxwell’s attorneys filed a motion for a new trial.

During jury selection, potential jurors were required to fill out a questionnaire in which one of the questions asked was if they or any family members had been victims of sexual abuse. The juror who spoke with Reuters said he wasn’t sure if he answered that question truthfully because he “flew through” the questionnaire.

Then on Wednesday, a second juror in Maxwell’s trial also admitted to the New York Times of being sexually abused as a child. The juror also confirmed that this information was used to influence the jury’s deliberations.

Maxwell’s defense filed a motion for a new trial and Judge Alison Nathan announced a timeline “for the Defense to move for a new trial in light of the issues raised.”

In her ruling, Judge Nathan also noted that prosecutors had assigned counsel to conduct an inquiry into the juror who has “given several interviews to press outlets regarding his jury service in this case.”

The juror who spoke with Reuters has retained an attorney and Judge Nathan gave his attorney until January 26 to brief the court on his behalf.