Sarah Palin’s Daughter Going To Surgery

( Sarah Palin’s daughter is set to undergo her ninth surgery after a botched breast reduction surgery when she was 19 years old, according to The Daily Mail. Bristol Palin, now 32, claims that she had been “self-conscious her entire adult life” about her chest which was left with scarring and muscle tissue damage.

The real estate agent took to her Instagram story to show a photo of herself wearing a compression bra with surgical drains half-filled with blood and fluid, according to the outlet. She also had on eye masks for a selfie post-surgery.

“Sharing wayyyyy [too much information] right now, but had my 9th breast reconstruction surgery last night — yes, NINTH. All stemming from a botched breast reduction I had when I was 19 [years old],” she wrote. She continued to say that she hoped this would be the last surgery she would need.

Bristol also shared that while she hates being a “whiner,” the situation has taken a toll on her life, adding that it has been difficult to stay positive, but she reminds herself that she has a lot to be thankful for. She then asked her followers to send show recommendations or funny memes as she recovers.

She said that previous surgeries were meant to correct the scarring and tissue damage, leaving her to be self-conscious about her body. The surgery occurred years after the daughter of the political star was in the national spotlight at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Her mother, the former Alaska governor, was the Republican vice-presidential nominee for John McCain’s bid for the presidency. Palin had reportedly revealed that her daughter was pregnant at age 17 and welcomed her grandson Tripp Johnston.

The surgery likely took place before Bristol took finished the 11th season of “Dancing With the Stars,” which aired in September 2010.

Bristol also revealed that she had a tummy tuck, jaw surgery, veneers, and a gum lift.