Sarah Palin Weighs In Princess Diana’s Death With “Sad” Update

( Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin recently weighed in on the news that BBC reporter Martin Bashir was found to have engaged in “deceitful behavior” to secure an interview with the late Princess Diana back in 1995. It follows decades of scandal in the United Kingdom over how the princess was treated by the media, and Governor Palin weighed in to say she believes it…having experienced Bashir’s unethical reporting herself.

Palin said in a statement to Fox News On Friday that she thinks it’s “sad” that it has taken so long for the memory of Princess Diana to be “touched by some justice.”

“The press doesn’t understand that their unethical ways and means of covering and characterizing their victims can destroy a person or a family, and less importantly a career,” she added.

Palin explained how Bashir had been caught engaging in unethical behavior many times over the years and yet, for some reason, was constantly embraced by the media back into their fold.

Palin said that she was anxious for the day that the media’s consumers “rise up and demand truth and justice.”

You may remember back in 2014 when Bashir resigned from his position at MSNBC after it was revealed he made insulting and derogatory comments about Governor Palin. Bashir called Palin, who previously ran to be the vice president on the Republican ticket in 2008, a “world class idiot” and “resident dunce” – just one example of the press aiming extreme hostility at the Republican politician.

Palin, a real class act, accepter Bashir’s apology but didn’t refrain from calling his actions “evil.”

On Thursday, a report was revealed in the United Kingdom revealing how Bashir “deceived and induced” Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, to secure an interview with her for the Panorama TV show. The report prompted scathing statements from former royal Prince Harry as well as Prince William, the future King of England.