Sarah Palin Says She Was Dropped By Fox News In Strange Way

In a recent interview, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin claimed that when Fox News decided to stop booking her as a contributor in 2015, it didn’t notify her directly, but called her former husband to tell him that the network was moving on, Mediaite reported.

While appearing on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax program “The Balance” on Monday, Palin and Bolling were discussing Fox’s recent decision to part ways with top-rated primetime host Tucker Carlson.

Bolling suggested that his viewers are starting to realize that Fox is moving to the left. He said the popular conservative news outlet has been casting a wide net to bring on more liberal and progressive contributors in hopes of luring “more progressive viewers.” Bolling suggested that Fox has succeeded “at the expense” of the MAGA movement and “true conservatives.”

Palin agreed but added that Fox News isn’t the only network that is doing it. She argued that the “corporate-owned woke” elites calling the shots in the media view the people as “peons” and “subjects.”

She added that some people might think she is biased since Fox let her go as well.

To show how Fox News operates, Palin cited how she was “canned” in 2015. She said Fox “didn’t have the guts” to contact her directly, instead calling her now ex-husband Todd, which she thought was “weird” and “weak.”

Palin quickly caught herself, saying she had promised not to speak ill of Fox News. But then she did again, saying Fox “underestimated the will of the people” and their desire to have freedom of speech and to speak truth to power. She added that the network also underestimated how much the people want Fox to provide information so they can make up their minds about the issues.

Fox News stopped using Sarah Palin as a contributor while Roger Ailes still ran the network.