Sarah Palin Says Election Detail Is Proof About Her Marriage

( iOTWreport notes that In one of the most Republican states in the country, the Democrats just won a “surprise” election against Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin was defeated when Democrats introduced an oddball voting system called “rank choice,” which let them stack the deck against Palin.

Even though more than 60% of Alaskan voters chose a Republican, a Democrat got in because the rules are not conventional and are convoluted.

Sarah Palin isn’t going to let this happen without a fight. She criticizes the system and says that this is proof that something is very wrong.

Sarah Palin says that this “loss” in the election shows the system is rigged.
Palin said that if it had been winner-takes-all in June, she would have won. But then ranked-choice voting was introduced, which made things more complicated and hard to understand.

Palin didn’t suddenly decide she didn’t like ranked-choice voting after she lost. During the campaign, she was always saying bad things about the system. She noted that the method is like “voter suppression” and that many people think “their vote won’t count.”

The Democrat who won, Mary Peltola, got only 40% of the first-choice votes.

Since 1964, Alaska hasn’t picked a Democrat for president.

So, what went wrong?

Nick Begich, a Republican, was one of the other two people running in the August special election. Officials from the Republican Party had to convince their supporters that putting Palin first and Begich second would guarantee that Alaska would send a Republican to the White House. Given that the state registered a lot more Republicans than Democrats and was generally conservative, that should have been more than enough.

Instead, Begich and Palin engaged in acrimonious political conflict with one another.
The left has always been good at voting for “anyone but a Republican.” They don’t “for” candidates as much as they do “against” candidates.

There was a clear choice between Palin and Begich, and the campaigns were fighting tooth and nail. People on the right either wanted Palin or they wanted Begich. Not enough people who voted for Begich chose Palin as their second choice and vise versa.

In this case, the people got what they didn’t vote for.