Russian Mercenaries Are Leaving Africa, Headed To Ukraine

( Although they bear the name of one of the greatest composers in history, the orchestration they have been leading in Africa for the past five years has been responsible for much death and destruction as they have battled to support despotic regimes and kleptocracies in return for gold, diamonds, and other mineral wealth.

Vladimir Putin has consistently denied that the Wagner Group is under the direction of the Kremlin, claiming that they are merely “private military contractors” that offer “protection” and “help” to militaries while safeguarding Russian “assets.”

According to Western nations, Wagner serves as Putin’s bodyguard, carrying out his “dirty job” while posing as an impartial consultant to give the Kremlin plausible denial.

Everywhere they have been stationed so far, including in the Central African Republic (CAR), Libya, Mali, and Mozambique, Wagner mercenaries have been charged with war crimes like torture, murder, and rape.

According to many members of African and international intelligence agencies and foreign missions throughout the continent, Wagner’s influence in Africa has been substantially diminished due to Putin’s conflict in Ukraine.

According to the African intelligence community, Wagner formerly used between 20,000 and 30,000 mercenaries. They estimate that this number has now dropped to 5,000.

The remainder has traveled to Ukraine. According to Jasmine Opperman, a South African security expert specializing in extremism, they are now seriously exposed on numerous African fronts.

According to Opperman, the departure of Wagner forces from Africa following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that Wagner is entirely under Kremlin command and control.

One intelligence agent from West Africa said that the Wagner men “just started withdrawing” in late March and early April as it became evident that Putin wouldn’t achieve the quick victory he had hoped for. They were plainly under orders to head to Ukraine’s fighting lines.

Up to 25% of Moscow’s deaths since the start of the conflict have been “mercenaries,” and around 5,000 Wagner agents have perished in Ukraine so far.

Russia maintains that only 1,300 Russians were killed in the fighting and has labeled these death tolls as “lies and propaganda.”

The United States House of Representatives passed the Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act with a resounding 419-9 bipartisan majority, and if it passes the Senate, it will become law. The bill aims to bring responsible the Russian Federation and African governments engaged in helping such hostile influence and actions.