Russian Diplomat Says U.S. Responsible For Cold War 2

( As Russia ramps up rhetoric and tensions with Ukraine, with more than 100,000 Russian troops still on the border of the two countries, a top Russian United Nations diplomat is attempting to shift the blame to the United States and Western allies.

Maybe Russia could try not threatening to invade neighboring countries?

Dmitry Polyansky, the First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, claimed last Wednesday that NATO and the United States are “exploiting” the divisions between former Soviet countries, and attempting to “crush” the Russian Federation.


It comes as the United States and other European countries express their grave concern at the deployment of Russian troops to the Ukraine border. NATO and Kyiv have called on Russia to de-escalate, but Russia’s only response has been to demand that NATO provide “reassurances” in upcoming talks that there will be no interference in Russian business.

It’s the clearest sign ever that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention of backing down, and plans to plow ahead with his plans to invade – or at least continue to intimidate – Ukraine.

“Everybody was thinking that people in the West are our friends, that they really are giving us a hand so that we will live in some better place, a better world and nobody will ever remember about the Cold War, about East and West,” Polyanksy told the press on Wednesday.

He also insisted that there is “no communist ideology” being promoted by Russia, and that the country’s economic structure is similar to the United States, something that he says means that there should be no further conflict between the two countries.

But there has to be more to this than just ideology. How can the United States and NATO just ignore Russia’s expansionary goals?